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Here you will find manuals, standards, specifications and details on project requirements. This manual contains instructions and instructions for the preparation of right-of-way plans, contract plans, special provisions and cost estimation packages for highway construction projects. It also provides the standards used in the creation of these plans with computer-aided writing and design (CADD). September 2020 M 22-31.08 Revision Package M 22-31.08 (PDF 4.7MB) The Utilities Manual provides guidance on utility housing on the state highway in a way that does not interfere with free and safe traffic or affect the visual quality of the highway. Information on the preparation of supply contracts and supply contracts is provided. February 2019 M 22-87.10 Revision Package (PDF 3.57MB) Instructions for drafting and amending agreements can be found in the Agreements Manual. This guide provides guidance on authorizing, selecting, and using consultants for contracts and/or supplements in the field of personal services and architecture and engineering (A&E). Contractors, consultants, local authorities, and the general public can obtain printed copies of the most requested WSDOT manuals and publications from the Washington State Department of Printing`s myPrint. The Bureau of Utilities, Railways and Agreements maintains a contract database and reports on inter-local agreements for specific working groups within the WSDOT. Our manuals are continuously updated with regular revisions. Make sure you have the latest version, regardless of the manual format or transfer path. The manuals on this page are the latest versions and can be downloaded and printed for free.

Division 7 Miscellaneous Contractual Considerations (PDF 3.1 MB) Appendix 1 Structural Notes, Quantity Table Sheets, and Signature Specification Sheets (PDF 274 KB) Use the drawings on this page to standardize manufacturing, installation, and design methods for specific work items. They complement contractual documents and standard specifications for the construction of roads, bridges and municipalities. If you would like a copy of a listed agreement, please contact the Road Access and Agreements Specialist. The manuals provide guidance and guidance to employees, local organizations, contractors and consultants to help us provide an efficient and effective multimodal system. Here you will find our frequently updated list of inter-local agreements, both in development and in force, in accordance with RCW 39.34.040. Foreword (PDF 12KB) Comments (PDF 16KB) Table of Contents (PDF 39KB) Errata Technical Plan Preparation Manual February 2021 (PDF 148KB). Here you will find information on annual updates of the standard specifications, reading/downloading the WSDOT Special General Provisions (APP), reading/downloading the APWA Special General Provisions (APP) for local authorities and uploading/updating the contractual software for drafting and compiling specifications. Department 3 Memos on Right-of-Way Plans Standard Symbols and Conventions (PDF 281 KB) Memos are design and construction documents used to implement immediate changes at every stage of the project, from design to advertising to construction. Revision of the 2018 Plan Preparation Manual (PDF 14.2 MB) Agency employees must place orders through WSDOT Print Services using the internal order form (PDF 292 KB). Foreword (PDF 176 KB) Table of Contents (PDF 141 KB) Chapter 1 Utility Housing (PDF 1.6 MB) Chapter 2 Utility Contracts (PDF 453 KB) Chapter 3 Railways (PDF 305 KB) Chapter 4 Service Contracts (PDF 432 KB) Chapter 5 Government Agencies: State, Federal, Tribal and Other Entities (PDF 395 KB) Chapter 6 Project Management and Relocation of Public Services (PDF 840 KB) Chapter 7 Inspection (PDF 372 KB) Chapter 8 Reimbursement (PDF 223 KB) Chapter 9 Control Area Guidelines (PDF 939 KB) Appendix A Glossary (PDF 335 KB) Appendix B Forms and Utility Documents (PDF 6.2 MB) Appendix C Guidelines (PDF 314 KB) Appendix D RCW and WAC References (PDF 304 KB) Appendix E WSDOT Interim Requirements for RAP Submissions (PDF 182 KB). .

Annex 6 Determination of the duration of the contract (PDF 8.1MB) Foreword (PDF 188KB) Table of Contents (PDF 241KB) Part 1 Professional Services Contracts (PDF 393KB) Part 2 Personal Services (PDF 362KB) Part 3 Real Estate Services (PDF 42KB) Part 4 Architectural and Engineering Services (PDF 446KB) Part 5 Management of Consulting Contracts (PDF 236KB) Part 6 Emergency Services (PDF 204KB) Part 7 Minority Participation, women-led and disadvantaged businesses (PDF 141KB) Part 8 Responsibility for „Y“ agreements (PDF 34 KB) Part 9 Annexes (PDF1.6MB). Find drawings and details that may or may not be considered standard plans, but may need to be included in contract documents. Contains elements that need to be customized for site or application specifics, experimental designs, and default schedules that have been defined. Other inter-local agreements executed by WSDOT under Chapter 39.34 RCW are managed through information management and technology contracts. Accounting Manual, Design Manual, Local Agency Policy Guide, Organizational Conflict of Interest Manual, Purchasing Manual, Right-of-Way Manual, and State Administrative and Accounting Manual. .


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