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Trustline was created by the legal profession as a service to the public. You can anonymously report unethical or fraudulent behavior by a lawyer. You do not need to remain anonymous if you wish to receive feedback on your complaint. All messages are recorded and reviewed. The first step in resolving your issue is for your complaint to be submitted to the appropriate provincial law firm. Depending on where your lawyer practises, your complaint must be filed with: At Du Toit`s Attorneys, we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, ethical conduct and consideration of our clients` interests; We therefore believe in transparency and respect for the rule of law. We also believe it is our duty to help disgruntled clients hold accountable those who bring the profession into disrepute. Below is an explanation of where an unhappy customer can start. Provincial businesses will not deal with complaints of incompetence or negligence that could lead to claims because they are not authorized to provide compensation. These complaints should be prosecuted, which means that such a person must turn to another lawyer. One can also visit the website of the Law Society of South Africa to complain to: One of its objectives is to maintain appropriate standards of professional practice and ethical conduct for all lawyers and partners.

It conducts its own investigations into all complaints of professional misconduct submitted to it. Members of the public can file complaints against any lawyer through a legal helpline called the Trustline, which is run by the Law Society of South Africa and the Attorneys Fidelity Fund. The public can file complaints at 0800-202-036 or All members of the Cape Town Bar are also required to conduct their practices in accordance with the Constitution of the Cape Bar, the Rules of the Cape Town Bar and the Uniform Rules of Professional Ethics of the General Council of the Bar. Visit the Legal Practice Council website here and download the complaint form.,Candidate%20Legal%20Practitioners%20and%20Juristic%20entities.pdf professionals and the public are free to contact the offices closest to them, regardless of the province in which they are located. For the purposes of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, legal professionals (lawyers and lawyers) fall under the regulatory and disciplinary jurisdiction of the Council on Legal Practice. Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West ProcForum Building, 123 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria Telephone: (012) 338 5800 There was also a publication in the State Gazette entitled „Code of Conduct for Legal Practitioners, Candidate Legal Practitioners and Legal Entities“, which sets standards of conduct that will be enforceable by the Legal Practice Council once the law (Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014) enters into force. vigour.

All complaints against lawyers who are not members of the Cape Town Bar must be filed directly with the Western Cape Legal Practice Council. As mentioned above, our firm strives to adhere only to the highest ethical standards, with the interest of our clients coming first. If you have any questions about a legal issue you may be facing or any other area of law where you need help, please contact us and we will do our best to help you in your case with the personal attention to detail it deserves. All legal professionals and trainee lawyers are required to maintain the highest standards of honesty and professional integrity in the provision of their services. The standard of conduct that prevails for all legal professionals and associates is the Code of Conduct developed by the Council of Legal Practice. Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape 29th Floor, ABSA Centre, 2 Riebeek Street, Cape Town; Phone: (021) 443 6700 Please note that complaints can also be submitted to the Western Cape Provincial Legal Practice Council. The Legal Practice Council was established pursuant to the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014. It regulates all legal professionals and associates (including Cape Bar members) in the country.

Free State 139 Zastron Street, Bloemfontein Phone: (051) 447 3237 If you are concerned about unethical or fraudulent conduct by a lawyer, you can file a complaint with the Provincial Bar Association or call Trustline or send an email. Trustline is independently operated as part of Deloitte Tip-Offs Anonymous. The Law Society of Cape Town can only rule on complaints relating to its members. A search of its members can be done here. „It is the task of bar councils to act in the public interest. Law Societies are committed to protecting the public from unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour by lawyers and are prepared to investigate complaints submitted to them in good faith that fall within their jurisdiction. Contact information for the Western Cape Provincial Legal Practice Council can be found here. It is the responsibility of the Legal Practice Council to act in the public interest. The Council on Legal Practice is committed to protecting the public from unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour by legal professionals. Complaints about legal professionals must therefore be submitted to the Council of Legal Practice Members of the Cape Town Bar Association are subject to the disciplinary procedures of the Cape Town Bar Association and the General Council of the South African Bar Association.

The Law Society recommends that you first raise the issue with your lawyer to resolve it if you have a problem with their service. If you are still not satisfied, you should complain to your state bar. The Law Society of Cape Town`s guidelines for disciplinary investigations can be found here. Lawyers are well-trained judicial officials and professionals. They are bound by the Code of Ethics of the Council of Legal Practice. We believe that lawyers offer their clients professional and ethical support. KwaZulu-Natal 200 Hoosen Haffejee Str, Pietermaritzburg Telephone: (033) 345 1304. .



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